Choosing safe plants for life with your pets

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In a recent blog, we talked about common and popular plants that are a risk to our pets. This time, as promised we are writing about safer choices.

Indoor plants are enjoying a massive revival these days, and what’s not to love? They look gorgeous, ask little in return, and even purify our rooms of many chemical substances found in furniture and carpets.

So, which ones can we enjoy indoors without worrying about our pets falling ill if they chew a leaf, stem or flower?
Whilst there are few rock-solid guarantees, you may be pleasantly surprised. Top of the list are Spider Plants (Chlorophytum) – yes, those fabulous stripy plants are back in vogue – and tough as nails too! Also generally safe are ‘true’ ferns (such as Boston and Maidenhair), Rubber Plants (Ficus elastica) and even Tillandsia; those mysterious Air Plants that require no soil to grow.

Spider Plant  Boston Fern  Rubber Plant    Air Plant

Outdoor plants widely regarded as non-toxic for cats and dogs include sunflowers, hibiscus, lavender and rosemary, bamboo and the passionfruit vine.
As always, your vet is your go-to if you observe adverse reactions in your pet after he or she has eaten unintended plant materials. We hope these two posts have been useful and wish you happy gardening with your pet!
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