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I am always looking for new projects and love thinking DIY when it comes to improving areas around my home. 

Zephyrs dog bowls had been a project on my mind for a while now, I just didn't know how to execute my ideas with the little time that I had to create a masterpiece. With Zephyr being a wolfhound cross with unusually long legs, I wanted to give him something off the ground and strong to support his weighted bowls. 




I use stainless steel bowls for Zephyr and highly recommend them for their safety. If you would like to read more about the risks of plastic and ceramic vs stainless steel bowls, click here. 

Honestly, I was surprised at the end result and, well, a little proud for a 15-minute makeover. 

This got me thinking about who else had come up with this wonderfully inventive ‘original’ idea. To my surprise, I wasn't as inventive as I thought, I found a number of awesome looking DIY dog bowl stand and wanted to share them with you to get your brain cranking along with some cool ways to up the ante on your dogs bowl. 



As with many of my ideas, I come up with them and my husband executes them! Much to his dismay. None the less, he humours me, and sometimes my ideas work out just how I had envisioned them. Lucky for me, this was one of them. 

As I said previously, this project took about 15 minutes because I did not need to do any painting. I liked the stand the whitewashed colour that it already was. 

In order for me to get the strength, size and height to support Zephyr’s bowls, I decided to use an old small-sized coffee table. Not having one handy at home, I purchased one for $40, second hand. 

Then as simple as it sounds, I turned each bowl upside down on the top surface and traced around the rim. Using a jigsaw, a hole was cut through the top running the blade just inside the circle drawn to allow it to catch the rim of the bowl when placed in the holes correctly, preventing them from falling through. 

Once cut…. an awesome dog bowl stand appeared from what was likely to have been thrown to the dump. 

Depending on what your taste is for colours and painting, you can literally design it however you like. Get your kids involved, place some of your dogs paw prints over the top or keep it simple like I did. The options are endless and completely custom to what you want. 

No more needing to worry about your dog tipping the bowl over, no more worrying about bowls sliding about the backyard or house. Easy to clean with no maintenance, what more could you ask for!

I forgot to take pictures during the cutting because it all happened so fast, but here are some before and after pictures for you to see. 







Zephyr looks a little more than unimpressed with my taking his photo but I can assure you that he loves his new bowls and stand. 


Today I was a little late pulling his food out of the freezer so it is still a bit frozen, but on a warm day, he really enjoys the chewing and it seems like a special treat. Please note that his food has been calculated by a Canine Nutritionist to ensure he receives his complete balance of protein, carbs and fats, as well as raw egg and Turmeric. And, boy does he scoff it down!









Here are some other creative examples of DIY dog bowl stands that I found. I love creative people have become with their designs. 


I think it is safe to say that this project took a little longer than my 15-minute knock together. But, it has turned out beautifully!



This is super sweet. I picture this DIY project used in a small house or apartment. Certainly not with a dog with whiskers that act like water ladles. 



I just love this idea! What a great way to use those old chairs laying around the house. 



Storage for all your pups belongings, like shampoo and conditioner, leads, toys and anything else you have accumulated along the way. How inventive and what a great way to utilise old furniture that would otherwise be thrown out. 


Do you have a DIY project that you completed for your pup, share it with us so we can all admire your talent! 



If you have any feedback or questions that you would like to share, please reach out to me. I would love to hear from you. 



Belinda Bird

Founder & Veterinary Nurse

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