Do Cats Really Need Collars?

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If you wonder whether a cat really needs a collar, the answer is a resounding yes! People often say that their cat won’t wear a collar, but the truth is that most cats will, if you are persuasive enough. Unlike dogs, cats don’t live to please their masters and they need to be gradually introduced to changes in their environment.


When you put a collar on your cat for the first time, start with a simple collar without tags or bells. Let your cat wear the collar for only ten minutes or so, then remove the collar and reward your pet with treats and playtime. Repeat the process a few times over several days, until your cat is comfortable with the collar. Never leave a cat that hasn’t worn a collar before on its own as it might injure itself. Once your cat has accepted the collar, you can add a bell and identification tags.



Why Your Cat Needs a Collar

Most people don’t walk their cat on a lead like a dog, so why do cats need collars? Unlike dogs, cats are very difficult to contain. Cats can scale walls and when they develop an urge to explore they become feline escape artists. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads a cat into a situation where it gets lost and a stranger picks it up and adopts it, or takes it to a shelter because it has no identification. Cat collars allow people to see from a distance that kitties wandering around in the neighbourhood have a home.


To have your cat microchipped is recommended, but an identification tag on your cat’s collar is a must. If your cat gets into trouble and it’s wearing a collar with an ID tag, the person who finds your pet will be able to contact you immediately.


Once your cat is used to its collar, consider adding a bell. If your cat is the type that likes to terrorise small critters, a bell will warn them that your cat is approaching and help protect our birds and wildlife. 




What types of cat collars are best?

We stock Australian-made cat collars in an exciting variety of designs so that you and your feline can make a fashion statement. Choose from a selection of printed nylon webbing patterns and we will match the buckle colour to the design, to make the collar extra special.


We know that cats are more likely to try to escape from a collar if it is bulky or uncomfortable. For that reason, our hand-made cat collars have a slender design and we use nylon webbing that is durable but soft. All our cat collars are double stitched on stress points and fasten with a breakaway safety buckle. Should your cat get snagged on something, the buckle will release without your cat being seriously hurt.


If you have any questions or are finding it difficult to choose the perfect design, contact us and we will ensure you make the right selection, as well as have a safe and comfortable collar hand-made for your cat.


You can view our range of cat collars here!


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