Our Picks for Halloween Costumes!

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With Halloween only 22 days away we thought pet owners are starting to wrack their brains on the best costume they can make for their cat or dog. 



Believe it or not... some dogs love dressing up just as much as their owners love dressing them up. In the past we have all seen some out there, and very creative Halloween costumes but the decision on the perfect one can be difficult. 



Some people prefer to purchase a professionally made one and some prefer to hand make one themselves. Either w,ay the fun and ideas behind them is the best part. Having a cat or dog that will cooperate makes the whole process a little easier too. 



If your dog or cat has never worn a costume before, we do not recommend attempting to put it on for the first time on Halloween. Think of it like the first time you put a collar on him or attached a leash to it. All unusual things take time. It is best to put it on for a few short periods before the big day. That way he has time to adjust to the colorful addition and become comfortable with it. 



From looking at Sausage Dogs dressed as Hot Dogs and Maltese's dressed as Obi One Kenobi, we have sifted through the masses to bring you the best and most entertaining costumes. 



Some of you might think... hey, that is not difficult to make! But we have decided on the best through not only design but also their unique ideas. 












We hope this has inspired you and given you some great ideas for your own pets Halloween costume. 


Our favourite is the German Shepherd Martini! 


We would love to see your pet costumes this Halloween. Please share pictures on our social media or send them directly to us at info@innatepets.com.au


All the team at

Innate Pets

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