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If you are anything like me, then the opportunity to dress your dog up is as exciting as picking out your own costume for a 90's party. 


The options are endless, and best of all, your dog can't turn around and say 'I don't like it!' And, if you're lucky you will have a dog like me that LOVES to get dressed up. Whenever we have held a costume party at home, Zephyr always has his ensemble ready to fit the theme.  


But, with so many options, how do you choose the 'perfect' costume? To help you shorten the list and get your imagination going, I have collected the top 10 Halloween dog costumes from 2018. 


Whether you make it or buy one, you will want your dog sporting a noteworthy costume to surprise and excite all of those trick or treaters at your door on Thursday. 


These are the top 10 costumes out of the masses that I found, and I have ordered them from the most amazingly pawesome and memorable, to the ones that are still great, but not quite as jaw-dropping! There are only a few days left, so I hope you are ready! 


Enjoy and let your imagination run wild!





The face on this boxer did it all for me. The costume is amazing but the fact that he is completely unimpressed, to the point that he actually looks like he is taking pitty on his owner made me laugh out loud!





Oh the shame!!! Poor pooch looks more embarrassed than a human that has faceplanted it on stage. The perfect costume for this little pup. 




I am not even sure what to say here because this costume is ultimate. If only his facial hair was a little more orange it could be the spitting image of Mr Donald Trump himself. 




The fact that this dogs looks more like ET than anything else, and that his owner chose to enforce the Dorothy look made me laugh out loud. 




Isn't this such a simple, but effective costume. A great DIY option if you have a white dog. This is possibly the most comfortable dog out of last years contestants.  





I vant to suck your blood! The excess wrinkles look like a part of the costume, and this effective use of props makes for one super cute vampire Shar-Pei! 




I am not sure if this should be a Halloween costume or an Australia day one. Either way, it is glorious and oh so awesome!




Yeehaaaah! This cowboy corgy would have turned heads and raised eyebrows as he raced towards the crowds dressed as this bucking bronco. 




Sweet... adorable... melts your heart... poser... innocent! These are all the words that come to mind when I look at this gorgeous little girl. I can only imagine how long it took to get this shot, but it was definitely well worth it! 




Daa Dum De Dummm! This perfect pair look better than many married humans I know. The ultimate hair cut, doggy suit and dress, complete with a pearl necklace. I don't think these lovebirds were chowing down on dog roll last year.... more like organic grass-fed beef, with a side vegetables cooked by Jamie Oliver himself. 




I hope your mind is going wild right now and you too are getting excited to see those trick or treaters at the door so you can show off your pampered pooch. 


I would love to see your pets costumes from this year. Share it with me on social media, in the comments on this article, or please reach out to me. I want to see your ideas! 



Have a wonderfully spooky Halloween! 



Belinda Bird

Founder & Veterinary Nurse

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