Top 5 Pallet Dog Bed Ideas

Posted by Belinda Bird on

Many people are turning to pallets to make all kinds of household items. From outdoor tables and bars, to bed frames and chairs. The use of pallets has boomed in recent years.


The benefit to pallets is that they are strong, look great when used properly and are often given away. The best thing is that they are completely customisable. Your options are endless and your imagination can run wild. 


Commonly you can find free pallets at your local hardware stores, feed shops or Gumtree. 


Recently we have seen some amazing DIY pallet dog beds and we wanted to share them with you. Hopefully, they spark your crafty side and entice you to create a unique and one of a kind designed dog bed of your own.   


If you do decide to create your own masterpiece for your pooch, we would love to see your work. Please share it with us in the comments, via email or on social media. 


Top 5 Pallet Beds for Dogs



























We hope we have inspired you!


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