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Bully Sticks have gained some serious popularity over the last few years for their health benefits, long chewing time and absolute punch of flavour. 

Do you know what makes up a Bully Stick? A study conducted by the Clinical Nutrition Service of over 800 pet owners showed some amazing results. The study displayed an overall confusion and misunderstanding of what a Bully Stick actually is by both pet parents and Veterinarians. 

Out of the 800 people who completed the online survey, 23% of dog owners were feeding Bully Sticks as a treat at the time, and amazingly 50% of the total number admitted to not knowing the source ingredient of a Bully Stick

These sought after treats come in a range of sizes and thicknesses depending on the source, but, if you want to find out exactly what makes people's jaw drop when they find out the sole ingredient, read on!




Bully Sticks are very long lasting… so long lasting that it takes my Wolfhound about 20 minutes to chew through one! For some, that might not sound like long, but for those dog owners that seem to have a dog with a jaw stronger than Thor, then they will understand that 20 minutes is an eternity for a treat to last. Chewing releases endorphins for a dog, so you can imagine the euphoric heaven that your pup is in when given one.  

Aside from the happiness they bring, and their chew-time, Bully Sticks are a natural source of protein and taurine, which helps to keep your dogs organs and muscles healthy. 

The extended chew-time of a Bully Sticks also actually helps to clean your dogs teeth. Unbelievable right… can one single treat really help with entertaining your dog, supporting his organs and muscles, as well as help preventing dental disease?! Its true! As a Bully Stick is chewed, it scratches along the sides of the teeth, acting somewhat like a toothbrush to help clean away plaque. With 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of three suffering from some form of dental disease, why not work to prevent gingivitis and dental disease before it becomes a problem. 





There is the belief of some that Bully Sticks can harbor some nasty bacteria, this can be the case with some suppliers, but not with Innate Pets. If a Bully Stick is not dried properly or poorly handled prior to drying then, yes, it could contain some bacteria such as E. Coli or MRSA. This is why it is important to source your dogs treats from a reputable source that focuses on quality rather than quantity. 

If Bully Sticks are insufficiently dried then they can also carry a strong odor that many owners find offensive. Innate Pets Bully Sticks will have a small smell as after all, it is a dried animal product, but nothing more than any other dried treat as they are consistently dried to the required moisture content. 

I have personally spent countless hours sourcing a supplier who values and demands the same level of quality that I do. All Bully Sticks sold through Innate Pets are Australian sourced to ensure safety and quality, and then professionally dried to reduce the chances of retaining bacteria. As Bully Sticks are dried from raw muscle, I do recommend washing your hands after handling them, as you would when feeding a raw diet. The risk of bacteria on a Bully Stick is monumentally less than a raw diet but it is always best to err on the side of caution. 

The extra benefit of these treats is that they are 100% digestible. Meaning, even if your dog swallows a small piece whole, it will be broken down and digested in his gastrointestinal tract. This is the most common concern with bones and rawhide treats that are known to have the potential to become lodged and cause an obstruction in the intestines. All of the treats on Innate Pets have been carefully researched and sourced to ensure your dogs safety, and quality. 

In short, yes.. Yes.. and YES, Bully sticks are safe for your dog! In fact, if your puppy has his teeth and is actively chewing, then he can now experience the excitement of a Bully Stick. 


These high demand treats come in a range of sizes, lengths and thicknesses giving the perfect size for every breed. 

If you have a dog with a super jaw then I would suggest trying a Twisted Bully Stick, but if you have a ‘standard’ chewer than a straight Bully Stick will be more than sufficient. You can also purchase them in bundles and save a heap

Have you figured out what they are made of yet? Now, for the moment you have been waiting for, and reading for…. Bully Sticks are actually a Bull or Steer’s Penis. Yes, you read correctly, a penis, a big willy that was originally around 1 meter long!

As we all know, penis’s are a super tough muscle, so imagine the strength that a meter long one gets after drying it for days and shrinking it down to mere centimeters of its original size. 

Now it all makes sense doesn’t it. Why the product listing doesn’t say… “Buy your dog a Bull Penis today!”, and you get the G rated version of… “Bully Sticks for Dental Health”, or something to that effect. 

Here is a humorous video showing just how difficult it is to cut through and break a Bully Stick. 





Even though these are a muscle, they are still a little higher in calories than other lower fat treats, which means that if you have a dog with a few love handles, or one with a medical condition just remember that these are ‘treats’. 

I give my boy a Bully Stick every week, sometimes two because he loves them so much, and they entertain him so well. The frequency that you feed them will depend on your dog. If he is a guts and is carrying some extra weight, than once a week is probably enough, but if you have a lean dog like me, than a couple of times a week is fine. 





Remember, the standard Bully Sticks are great for the ‘normal’ chewers, the Twisted Bully Sticks are for the jaws of Thor, and you can always purchase a Bundle and save! 













If you have any experiences that you would like to share, or have any questions, please reach out to me. I would love to hear from you. 



Belinda Bird

Founder & Veterinary Nurse




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Created on Posted by catsanddogsrock Comment Link

Excellent blog, good to see someone is posting quality information. Thanks for sharing this useful information. Keep up the good work.

Created on Posted by Innate Pets Comment Link

Hi Pat, thank you for your comment. Bully Sticks are perfectly safe for your 10-year-old Papillion. To be directed to the product pages, simply click on one of the 3 images above showing the Bully Sticks themselves. Thank you Pat.

Created on Posted by Pat Dickeson Comment Link

would a bully stick be okay for 10yr. old papillons and where can I get them if appropriate

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