Arthritis & Joint Supplements for Cats
It is estimated that over 33% of cats suffer from Arthritis. A staggering number when compared to the fact that there are approximately 3.9 million cats in Australia.
With our supplement and treat products, you can provide your cat with joint support during the early stages of life to help prevent arthritis later on. Including proven ingredients such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate, Turmeric and more.
Total Pet products are easy to administer by simply placing the recommended dose on your cats food each day.
If your cat is already suffering from joint disease, it is never too late to provide relief through a supplement that helps support his body and allow it to do what it does naturally… heal. From early to advanced stages, we have got you covered!
Need help selecting the right product? Reach out to us via our online chat, email or phone.

Arthritis & Joint Supplements for Cats

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