Dental Health

Maintain Your Pet’s Dental Health for a Lifetime:
Find the Best Natural Dog Toothpaste and Care Products in Australia Online

Gum disease and tooth loss do not discriminate. Our dogs can fall victim to dental problems, resulting in a host of other health issues long-term. Periodontal disease is common in dogs and cats worldwide, affecting up to 80% of our pets by the time they reach middle-age. Just as you consider your dental health, you should keep your dog’s health needs in mind.

Caring for your dog’s teeth can be a challenge. Your best dental pet care option is to find dog dental health products that do what regular brushing and flossing do for pet-lovers like you. Make Innate Pets your first and only stop to find optimal dog dental care products that are 100% natural and Australian-made.

We’re an newly-launched online store that serves the Australian market, providing products that are natural, nourishing, safe, and healthy for your dogs and cats. Founded by a veterinarian nurse with over ten years of experience in pet care and health, we value the pets in our lives and know that to prolong their years of vitality, we have to invest in their health, inside and out.

Easy to Use and Effective: View Our Dog Dental Products Online

Perhaps you’ve been holding back on getting that dog toothpaste you know will make a difference because you don’t want to deal with the application process. Some dental care products can be challenging to administer to our pets, especially since our furry friends don’t understand what we’re doing. We might forget to administer these products regularly because it’s not what we’re used to doing as part of our pet care routines.

We offer products that make dental care as simple as serving a meal. Your dog won’t even realise they're receiving optimal dental care as they eat their morning, afternoon, and evening food. You’ll be happy with the ease of use of our products and rest in the knowledge your pet is finally receiving the best in care products to ensure their teeth remain healthy for the course of their life.

Learn More About Our Dental Care Products and Get Peace of Mind

We value our customers as much as we value our pets. We want pet-lovers to not only get the best in effective natural products for their pets but also to understand the impact of our products. We encourage open communication and create an environment that is supportive and fun to fellow pet-owners.

Whatever questions or concerns you have, don’t hesitate to let us know. If you’re looking for a pet dental care starting point or seeking the best dog toothpaste in Australia, we recommend TotalPet PlaqueAway. It’s 100% natural and organic and reduces the formation of plaque, tartar, and bad breath, resulting in healthy teeth and gums. This product is made of selected seaweed from northern Norway and, importantly, contains no additives, preservatives, gluten, sugar, or fillers. It’s laboratory-tested and comes in a powder form you can easily mix into your pet’s food.

Contact us today to start caring for your dog’s dental health the natural way. We offer free shipping on orders over $149 and have a reward program to help you maintain your pet’s nose-to-tail health for a lifetime.

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Dental Health

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