Flavours of Bundaberg Products

Native Magic is a hand made product made in Bundaberg. It was originally developed for a little girl that came to stay, she had eczema and to watch her itch drove me crazy. On our property we grow Lemon Myrtle which is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so I started to experiment. There were a number of prototypes prior to reaching the product we have today. We trialed the product with Eczema & Psoriasis with amazing results. This led to trailing the product on our cattle dog, who constantly had weeping hotspots. With fantastic results, we put it out there for more trials, animals including cats, horses, goats to name a few. The feedback was terrific, from goats with mites on their hairless ears, to cats with war wounds.

Our aim was to use only the best organic ingredients available so that it was versatile and safe to use on any skin. I know to date we have saved two puppies lives one in Darwin and the other in Brisbane, they both have a chronic itch, bleeding so bad that the owners could no longer help their friends and were considering putting them out of their misery. They had tried many standard vet products including steroids. I was delighted to receive feedback that Native Magic helped them heal, stop itching and new hair growth was appearing. So we soldiered on to where we are today, helping our furry friends. 

Flavours of Bundaberg Products

Native Magic - QLD Itch...
Native Magic helps to soothe and heal Queensland Itch, Hotspots and more. This product is made locally in Bundaberg QLD and...

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