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Health Benefits of Natural Healthcare and Hygiene Products
when you Buy for Your Dog Online

Like humans, dogs need a range of vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Humans and dogs need different kinds of nutrition though, and it needs to be in the correct dosage for your dog’s size and weight. If you think your dog needs a health boost, consider supplementing his diet with dog health products that are formulated specially for his needs. Health support products can help your dog to feel energetic and happy, and at the same time prevent conditions that might otherwise be cause for a trip to the vet.

Natural Dog Health Products Can Help for Common Ailments

  • Arthritis: One in four dogs suffers from arthritis. In dogs, arthritis is mostly unrelated to old age, rather it is due to developmental diseases such as hip or elbow dysplasia. It is estimated that more than 20% of dog arthritis diagnoses are made in animals under the age of one year. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) can alleviate your dog’s symptoms, but the tablets can cause serious secondary health conditions such as blood clots, stomach ulcers and kidney failure. Joint supplements for dogs contain ingredients that include chondroitin, glucosamine, and turmeric. These natural substances have been proven to be effective against osteo-arthritis. Joint supplements in powder form can easily be added to your dog’s food to prevent arthritis symptoms from developing. If your dog already suffers from arthritis, a natural joint supplement can reduce inflammation to help him to be pain-free, mobile, and comfortable.
  • Skin and Coat: Does your dog have a dull coat or scratch himself continuously? If you part your dog’s fur and can see flakes of dandruff in the undercoat, your dog has dry skin. Allergies and dry skin are the most common causes of excessive scratching and licking in dogs. Natural dog health products rich in Omega-3 fats will alleviate dryness, and plant extracts from seaweed, rose hip and turmeric can help to restore your dog’s coat to a glossy shine.
  • Organ Support: Natural products containing seaweed, green lipped mussel and turmeric can improve your dog’s cardiovascular health, liver, and kidney function, and boost his immunity.
  • Dental Health: Doggy breath is a complaint almost every dog owner must contend with. Although persistent halitosis can be a sign of a serious medical condition such as diabetes or gastrointestinal tumours, most often it is caused by gum disease. Plaque, combined with saliva and minerals, can transform into tartar that builds up around your dog’s teeth. If tartar is left to build up unchecked, it will eventually cause tooth decay and gum disease, the most frequent cause of smelly dog breath. A food supplement made from seaweed can help to stop the build-up of tartar, thus preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease which lead to bad breath.

Keep Your Dog in Peak Condition with a Natural Lifestyle

Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, dog health products can go a long way to ensuring that your dog is always in peak condition. When you buy dog healthcare products online at Innate Pets, why not add some dog hygiene products to your order? Our dog health and grooming products are made in Australia from only the best natural ingredients. Contact us today to find out about the health benefits of our products for your dog.

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