Senior Dogs
Is your dog getting on in age, perhaps starting to get a few grey hair’s, slow to get up first thing the morning or sore after a lot of exercise? If so, he is in need of some support to ease the symptoms and allow him to regain some of the youthful bounce.
We have treats and supplements to support your dogs’ organs, joints and weight. Excess weight alone can put significant pressure on joints, selecting low fat treats can help reduce weight and impact.
Arthritis is one of the most common ailments in dogs today, and one of the most painful. It can range from a small limp to debilitating without treatment. We have natural alternative joint supplements to aid in supporting and correcting arthritis. Best of all it is made easy by being applied to their food once a day.
If you would like help selecting the right product for your dog, please reach out to us via our online chat, email or phone.

Senior Dogs

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