Save Money with a High-Quality Natural Sensitive
Shampoo and Conditioner for Cats and Dogs Online

For many pet-lovers, going to the groomers is becoming more of a luxury. Costs can skyrocket easily with just a weekly visit. However, to keep your dog or cat looking and feeling excellent, grooming is a daily essential—even more so if your pet’s lifestyle includes outdoor fun. If your pet loves being an outdoor explorer, then washing is a daily must. Even indoorsy furry friends can benefit from regular cleaning.

Don’t fuss over hours spent or money poured into professional groomer services. Instead, invest in quality and buy your dog or cat’s shampoo online from a company that has pets’ health in mind. Choose Innate Pets to make daily grooming fun, healthy, and easy at home.

We’re a natural pet product online store providing pet care solutions for Australia. Our products are natural and nourishing, ensuring your pets will live an optimal life by your side. Our founder has ten years of veterinary nursing experience, lending Innate Pets a wealth of knowledge in pet health and nutrition. We believe in not only providing quality products, but in positively educating fellow pet-owners so our customers understand exactly how natural products can improve and maintain the health of their pets.

Select Your Dog and Cat’s Conditioner Online from a Store That Believes in Long-Term Value

What you give to your pet affects their health inside and out. With professional groomers, you can never be sure if the ingredients they use or even the chemicals that circulate in the air are eco-friendly, natural, or fully safe. With our lines of natural shampoos and conditioners, you’ll have the reassurance that the products you use in grooming are 100% natural and aimed solely at promoting your pet’s good health.

If you have a sensitive cat or dog that already suffers from allergies, you’ll find products online with Innate Pets that are formulated with none of the harsh allergy-activating ingredients common in many commercial brands. Our Australian brands, including Essential Dog and Total Animal Health, share our pet-first philosophy.

Save time, energy, and hassle by investing in-home pet care grooming products instead of constant professional services. Purchasing just one bottle of sensitive cat shampoo online can save you multiple trips to the groomers. Sensitive range is not available for cats. Only total animal products grooming products are suitable for cats. Essential dog range is toxic to cats due to the essential oils.

Find Reliable and Healthful Pet Shampoo and Conditioner Products

Not sure where to begin? Try our Total Grooming Everyday Dog Shampoo and Conditioner. Buy online (cats can use it, too!) and find a grooming solution free of parabens, sulphates, PEGs, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. It cleanses and moisturises both skin and coat using plant-based ingredients. The shampoo has a built-in conditioner with added vitamins that keep your pet’s coat shiny, soft, and pleasantly fragranced.

Contact us today to start saving on frequent trips to the groomers and give your pet the gift of a healthy coat of fur. We offer free shipping for orders over $149.

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