Tough Cat Toys
Does your cat rein terror on, and destroy every toy that you bring home? Tired of buying countless poorly made toys? We were too..!
This is why we have brought you Aussie Dog Products toys. These are almost indestructible and the range is designed to provide mental stimulation and exercise for your cat. Providing toys that stimulate your cats mind, have been shown to reduce destructive behavior around the home.
Some toys are made from actual fire hose material ensuring that they are super tough! Aussie Dog Products even make similar toys for zoo’s to entertain lions, tigers, and bears! 
We have toys that hang, roll and bounce. Each toy has been specifically designed and tested for strength and durability.
Need help selecting the right product? Reach out to us via our online chat, email or phone.

Tough Cat Toys

Tucker Ball - For Dogs...
The Aussie Dog Tucker Ball is the tough yellow ball that keeps on giving.   Place dry treats inside to...
Buddy Ball - Aussie Dog...
The Aussie Dog Buddy Ball is more like a rolling restaurant than a dog/cat treat ball! It changes treat time...
Home Alone - For Dogs...
Bored dogs and cats quickly become destructive dogs so keep your best friend entertained while you are away with the...

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