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Cats get a bad rap as unaffectionate and mean-spirited. Sure, there are millions of hours of cat videos that seem to support the latter, but cat lovers and owners know different. Cats are extremely loyal, affectionate, smart — and sensitive. Fulfil all their needs with natural products for optimal nutrition and a holistic lifestyle -- such as cat toys online -- from Innate Pets.

The Sensitive Cat

Cats have hyper-sensitive nerve endings throughout their bodies that keep them safe by alerting them to environmental danger. When these areas are overstimulated, it causes irritation and potentially pain. When a cat is one moment enjoying a stroke and the next swiping and biting, it’s likely one of these areas have been aggravated.

A cat’s sensitivity, however, is not limited to sensory input. A delicate internal system can cause serious reactions to common household items such as cleaners and essential oil diffusion. Additionally, weak kidneys limit toxin filtering which in-turn limits the strength and duration of medicinal aids used. Providing an immuno-supportive environment and lifestyle for your cat is crucial to your companion’s long and healthy life.

Although known for lounging, cats love to play. For them, it’s part bonding and stimulation, part life-skill development. Through play, cats learn to hunt, pounce, and stalk, crucial to their survival outdoors. With their owners, cats show affection through play. Therefore, it’s important to have quality cat toy balls and animal figures for them to bat around independently or attached to a string for interactive play. Playing with your cat creates a bond while providing the mental and physical stimulation needed to keep them agile and healthy.

A cat’s affection, unlike dogs, is not easily won. You must earn it through an initiation period after which you’re considered part of that cat’s crew. If you aren’t a crew member, cats can scarcely be bothered. If you are, you’ve made a friend for life.

Get Cat Toys Online from Innate Pets

If you’ve been lucky enough to earn the love, trust, and affection of the elusive feline, return the favour by supplying only the best for their dietary and recreational needs. Innate Pets makes it easy to access premium-quality, all-natural products for all your cat’s needs made by pet-passionate Australian suppliers from home.

As with human nutrition, there’s a lot of hype out there on what to feed your cat. The answer is equally simple — go natural. Pet food that uses fillers, artificial flavour enhancers, authentic chemicals, and GMO’s are as harmful to your cat as they are to your family. If you wouldn’t eat it or serve it for dinner, why feed it to your cat? Innate Pets is committed to sticking to all-natural pet treats where ingredients are recognizable, safe, and of premium quality.

A preference for natural foods is the starting point for a natural lifestyle. Our curated selection of cat toys for indoor cats is limited in size, and quality checked for durability. Our inventory of cat toys online is kept small to reduce browser fatigue and option overstimulation. Choose between equally durable, fun, unique, toys you can’t find on mainstream shelves.

We’re developing a community of passionate cat and dog owners committed to providing the best for their furry friends. Join the Innate Pets family to collect reward points on every dollar spent on your furry companion. Reach accumulation thresholds for dollar-amount discounts on future purchases such as our eye-catching small balls for cats!

We dispatch all orders promptly and credit you with free shipping after the $149 purchase threshold. Call today with product questions or additional info on how to provide your cat with all-natural support.

Use the Rubik's Cube simulator if you don't have a real puzzle to play with. Set a random scramble and try to figure out the solution!

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Toys (Cats)

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