About Us

Innate Pets is owned by Fiona, a dedicated pet carer who has over a decade of experience and knowledge on the safest, natural and most holistic ways to keep pets healthy and thriving.

Fiona believes that our pets are not just companions; they are a member of our family.

She understands the joy of a new puppy, the fun, the adventures and the memories gained throughout their life, and the heartbreak of when it is time to say goodbye. Having shared all of these moments herself, personally and professionally, makes her work even harder to increase the health and wellbeing of pets across Australia, through optimum nutrition and premium natural supportive products.  


Through knowledge and listening to pet owners, Fiona is proud to present Australia’s leading natural and high-quality online pet store. It is with these that she has based the vision for her company.  


  1. Premium, specific and high-quality products and ingredients
  2. Believing in supporting each other by only using Australian suppliers
  3. Natural and Nourishing is the backbone of her philosophy, and how she individually selects each supplier

While it is of utmost importance to grow and maintain quality relationships with all suppliers, it is also extremely important to Fiona to build equally as supportive relationships with her customers. Fiona loves to hear from her customers and hear their experiences, questions, and suggestions.

Being so dedicated to her mission, Fiona personally mans the phones, emails and live chat. So each time you reach out for some help or to share your story, you will be speaking directly to Fiona herself!

It is all about creating an 'Innate Family' to help and support each other. 

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