Get Natural Cat and Dog Products and Supplies Online from Australian-Made Pet Suppliers


Cats and dogs have a way of winning their way into our hearts and becoming a full-fledged member of the family. As your family turns to all-natural nutrition and household products, it only makes sense to make the same shift for your four-legged companions. Innate Pets is your one-stop source for premium-quality, all-natural, and hand-crafted pet supplies online.


Comprehensive Natural Online Pet Suppliers


Much like the reasons you’ve traded mainstream diets for natural whole ingredients, pet food has been inundated with fillers, additives, and synthetic chemicals used to enhance taste and shelf life. Shockingly, some additives allowed in pet food have been shown to cause long-term illness such as cancer and kidney disease.


Other additives act as artificial sweeteners. Like humans, this throws off digestive balance causing your pet to overeat and lose the taste for more nutritious food offerings. The simple answer is to nourish your pet with simple, whole, unadulterated natural ingredients while rejecting ingredient lists full of substances you can’t pronounce or identify.


Innate Pets partners with high-quality, reputable 100% Australian suppliers who are equally passionate about natural, nourishing, and holistic pet care. In doing so, our entire inventory adheres to strict quality standards for natural materials and ingredients. We ensure that cat supplies from our online hub are tested for durability and curated for style. Select from well-known Australian pet brands such as All Barks, Essential Dog, Nuts About Mutts, BOco, and Aussie Dog Products for the latest in style, function, and safety. Our attention to production process and materials used, paired with our exclusion of sub-quality products, makes Innate Pets the most reputable online pet suppliers for conscientious owners looking for natural pet support.


Curation of our inventory is a key component of Innate Pets. We want you to get the most out of your browsing experience and understand that fatigue sets in early when presented with too many options. We rotate our styled offerings for variety but limit the number of options available at any one time.


Passion and Service from Innate Pets


Launched by a veterinary nurse out of passion for safe, nutrient-rich, unique yet practical pet products, Innate Pets is building a digital community where like-minded pet owners can share ideas and trade info on holistic at-home pet care. It all starts with our rewards program where points accumulate on each dollar spent on your four-legged family member. Accumulate points to earn credits toward future purchases! Save them for a rainy day or earmark them for a super special occasion.


Be sure to reach out with any questions or for assistance selecting the perfect product for your pet. Invested in like-minded pet support, we’re happy to share wisdom, experience, and answer questions about the importance of natural ingredients and materials to your pet’s lifestyle.


All orders for cat and dog supplies at our online store are protected by security encryption and quickly dispatched for shipping. Plus, you’ll receive a shipping credit for standard shipping on orders throughout Australia over $149.

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